About Us

We are creating a construction,architecture and engineering engineering consultancy company. We can manage teams,lead design and construction projects and provide a high level of support managing costs and budgets. We offer the following;

1)Project Management: *Creating the construction timeline
*Forecasting the duration of each construction stage
*Creating realistic time plans for each phase and final completion date
*Adding checkpoints into plans to ensure that progress is on time
2)Site Management Services: This service provides a project management and issue resolution services for clients. Once all designs are approved and contractors are in place. We can manage any on the day issues, support clients to prevent future issues and liaise with suppliers and 3rd parties as required. Providing a fresh perspective is key to this service with us, we able to manage all issues to keep construction and engineering project progressing.
3) Business Engineering Consultancy: We are considering new development project or bidding on civil infrastructure projects. We can provide a comprehensive support service advising on key stages in the process and potential costs,issues and tim frames. This service goes further to outline the potential pitfalls so clients can prepare cost-effective proposals and bids with a highsuccess rate. This service is also advising end-clients of te steps and processes involved in selecting contractors, developers, architects and suppliers. We are keen to remove the stress for clients and make sure they choose appropriate and can provide a liaison and negotiation service.

*UK housing developers
*UK construction companies
*Civil Engineering Companies that require additional resources
*Clients that require our services for specific elements of their consruction projects
*Developers and builders
*Landlords for commercial property and large estates
*Small business owners that are responsible for the renovation and management of the property
*UK homeowners that require guidance for major building works